Saturday, 5 February 2011


I'm Alex, however i go by the screen name KESTRELx or K3STR3Lx depending on avaiabiliy
This is just a little about me, and what i plan to post here.
  1. I don't plan to be here oftern, just the occasional update as i'm currently very bussy.
  2. I am dyslexic so my grammar and spelling with not be amazing but hopefully readable.
  3. I'm fairly adapt with a computer this is porobilly what this blog will focus on.
  4. Everything i show i will not be responcibly for how you use it, i just provid the knowledge of how it works, so expect anything which is contraversal to not inclued any download links at all.
  5. First tip will be about my battle with ubuntu and windows (i might do it in a comic style with key points under)

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