Sunday, 18 September 2011


atrical is located here:

Its a rather interesting Read if not trying ever so hard to defend Religon. i though i would pick out a few things and put my comments on them.

"Obviously, there are areas of life where having good reasons for what we believe is very important. Courts of law and medicine are evidence-based practices, which need rigorous procedures to establish the facts" In that case why isn't the fact of religon put to this Test? its so fundermental in our society that it has just been acepted, Never throughly tested to show its actually right. Its like ruling your life to Arts, no facts just opinions.

"That doesn't mean we have to believe the latest scientific consensus. If we know anything, it's that our current theories will turn out to be riddled with errors" your doing it wrong. Science looks at the enviroment and trys to explain it in a way that is CLOSE to what it actually is, obviously somethings are very hard and will have errors, But said errors will be found and corrected when tecnology provides the means.

"Science isn't actually about belief - any more than religion is about belief" Science is about FATS, Religon is about the Rejection of Facts if they confilit with what you beleive.

"If Darwin's theory of evolution is even roughly right, humans aren't built to understand how the universe works. The human brain evolved under the pressures of the struggle for life." evolution is rather solid, its shown in nature in micro and large scale. Humans were cold so we devised a way to make us warm, humans invted Myhts and Religon to try to explain the world around them. Humans strive for knowledge in every way, All reigon has done is opress this knowledge.

"Science hasn't enabled us to dispense with myths. Instead it has become a vehicle for myths - chief among them, the myth of salvation through science. Many of the people who scoff at religion are sublimely confident that, by using science, humanity can march onwards to a better world. " Sciences has never said that it can disprove religon because it can't, THERE IS NO SCIENCE TO RELIGON ITS JUST OPINIONS, the opinions of a stubbon mule.

"But "humanity" isn't marching anywhere. Humanity doesn't exist, there are only human beings, each of them ruled by passions and illusions that conflict with one another and within themselves. " Yes we conflict, but Humanity is MARCHING, heck its fucking sprinting with science its marched INTO SPACE, shot to the fathest reachers of the solarsystem, put men on the moon, explored the world, lets your travel around the world quicker that ever, provided the intenet, provides computers with out science we would be living like african tribes, in mud huts with nothing of tecnology and science. as albert einsten says "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." tecnology is science.

"Science has given us many vital benefits, so many that they would be hard to sum up. But it can't save the human species from itself." science doesn't envoke wars, it just provides the way to win/lose them. the fundermental human nature of religon causes wars (NOT ALL WARS THO)

"The idea that humans will rise from the dead may be incredible, but no more so than the notion that "humanity" can use science to remake the world." science has already made the world look at it! afican tribes have been living with religon for thousands of years, Now look at the western World its like a a universe away from what it was.

the march of tecnological progress is relentless and unforgiving, but necessary its trying to change something that has been accpeted for Millenia, its like trying to disprove a theory that is broken beyond beleive but works in two or three ways, it just doesn't want to die as we don't have a theory for those two or three ways.

wow that was a long post.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wow its been a long time

So sorry for not updating for a long time been REALLY rather bussy but hey i'm back and here to share some more. this blog will no longer focus on graphics, although they will be there, it will just be my ravings.


are my most recent works

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Second Blog up.

Ok so i know that i have Exams and stuff going on but i decided to set up a second blog anyway. This is for the Grey Knights that i have started painting and want to pass along to the world.

so much appreciated if you would follow that as well if warhammer 40k is something that intrests you.
the blog is located Here

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Well my final exams are starting now, hopefully going to go well but hey, lets just get this exam stuff going:
Takeing my A2 exams in:
Maths (cores 3,4 and Mechanics 2b)
Physics unit 4 and 5
and finally DT my final exam.

Hopefully going to go well as long as my hayfeaver doesn't mess up to much.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Having a break

Ok so due to my A2 exams i have to settle down and get on with work, meaning i don't have much time to spare for graphics. well update soon

Monday, 18 April 2011

Morning All

Good morning, last night i got some good work done for someone who is creating an F1 car as there university which they will race. below is the logo i designed for them, I am really rather proud of this one so here it is:
seeing as i had to render the monkey picture myself, it took longer than others I've done, still i do rather like the monkey on this one :{) so thank you.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


just a few more i've made after a LONG break, kinda out of  practice but here they are.

kinda of trying out a few now things here, especially on the middle one, currently the faviourite one i've made.


I have decided that my web name is not a suitable name for a graphics person, therefore i have adopted the name
Dark Wizard Graphics