Saturday, 5 February 2011

My adventures with GRUB

this is a tale of my adventures with grub and how it almost ruined everything. I was working as one does on a duel booted disk, when the thought occured to me that i never used the Ubuntu side of my disk so i decided to destroy it. Putting in Gpartition and delete the area that Ubuntu was thought i was rid of the problem, however i was not.

Upon re-boot it had an error message to be exact this one:
Error: no such partition
grub rescue>

Looking around i couldn't find a solution i could understand, so i went on the prowl. After Venturing around the dephts of the internet i came across the solution, i was glorious and simple. firstly i need a bootdisk, i found one and ran it. Summoning the power of "fdisk /mbr" i run it and restarted the computer, and the lord provided. it booted into xp.

so thats my adventures with it.

inshort below is what i did
1.Create a windows Boot CD doesn't matter how old i used a 98 one for XP pro from Here
2. go into bios set up and make sure CD is the Top boot option
3. put CD in the turn off and on again
4. will come up with a command prompt syle look
5. type in: fdisk /mbr
6. it will not show anything, once you can type again restart the computer
7. Grub is gone and will boot normally (i recomend you keep the CD as it could be usful in the future)

if this style of writing is alright i will run with this style

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